Room Spray Scents Descriptions

Honey Clementine - Where the bright essence of clementine meets the sweet allure of nectarine in a harmonious blend.

Salty Orchid - Where the crisp scent of sea salt intertwines with the delicate fragrance of freesia, evoking visions of seaside serenity and blooming gardens.

Lavender Haze - A blissful fusion of soothing lavender and golden honey. Let the tranquil scent transport you to fields of purple blooms and sun-drenched meadows, where relaxation awaits.

Tea Thyme - A harmonious blend of delicate white tea and aromatic thyme creating an atmosphere of tranquility and rejuvenation.

Peppermint Twist - Experience the exhilarating fusion of cool peppermint and comforting vanilla in enveloping your space in a sweet and satisfying aroma.

Blitzen's Breath - Immerse your home in the crisp scent of winter pine, mingled with a refreshing minty breeze, for a festive ambiance that spreads holiday cheer year-round.